Conference on Energy Security - Alternative Energy Routes for Europe


Monday 23.03.15 14:00


Room E
Dijver, Campus de Bruges
Dijver 11
8000 Bruges

In collaboration with the European Energy Policy Chair, the College of Europe students organizing the Eastern Mediterranean & Caspian National Week are delighted to invite you to the conference: “Europe at the Crossroads: Challenges and Opportunities in the ‘Cradle of Civilizations’”.


The first topic will tackle the Alternative Energy Route for Europe:

  • Mr Rashad NOVRUZ, First Secretary of the Mission of Azerbaijan to the European Union, will speak about the Prospects of Caspian gas;
  • Dr Bahadır KALEAĞASI, Ph.D., International Coordinator & EU Representative of Turkish Industry and Business Association and Chairman of the Brussels Energy Club, will talk about the links between the Energy Union and Turkey’s Accession Process.

A second and different topic will also be tackled:

  • “A European Response to Refugee Crisis in Eastern Mediterranean?" The International Response to the Refugee Crisis in Syria – the Regional Approach of the European Union" will be addressed by Mr Pierre-Christophe CHATZISAVAS, Desk Officer for Syria, EEAS;
  • “The Particular Vulnerability of Palestine Refugees in the Syria Crisis” by Mrs Elena MANCUSI MATERI, Senior Liaison Officer, UNRWA | Representative Office to the EU.

The conference will be followed by a reception.


Both topics aim at highlighting two transborder issues that underline the current geo-strategic dynamics in the region, that do not stop at the Nation State borders, and require a trans-border perspective.

The event is open to the public. Registration is mandatory only for non-members of the College of Europe.