Conference on "Redefining European Economic Governance"


Thursday 01.03.12


Auditorium 1
Verversdijk 16
8000 Brugge

On 1 March, the Department of European Political and Administrative Studies organizes a conference on "Redefining European Economic Governance".

The global financial crisis and sovereign debt crisis exposed the inadequacy of European economic governance. Despite the multitude of new mechanisms and institutions that have arisen over the last few years, many contend that economic governance remains inadequate and the EU must integrate even further to calm still volatile markets. A tension exists between creating effective instruments that will not overstep the authority delegated to an EU that has integrated economically but not politically. Can the EU’s economic governance system satisfy the demands of markets and politics? Relevant issues include the ability of supranational institutions to dictate policy to national governments, the harmonization of economic policies and institutions across Europe, and a substantial increase in the transfer of funds across borders. Can monetary union continue without political union? How will the new institutions alter the distribution of power between EU institutions as well as between member states?

This conference is part of a major research project of the European Union Studies Association’s Political Economy Interest Group, which brings together scholars from across Europe and North America to consider the evolution of European economic governance.