Facts and the EU - Can the EU be communicated factually and engagingly?


Friday 27.02.15
09:15 to 13:00


Dijver, Campus de Bruges
Dijver 11
8000 Bruges

Six-pack, LTRO, Banking Union, ETS, European Semester: as the European project has become ever more complex, describing it in an appealing form to the wider public has become an ever- greater challenge. The lexical difficulty is compounded by a great variation in the relevance of the same European issues across different national audiences. At the same time, as ignorance of - or outright malevolence towards the EU and its institutions has spread, imaginative Euro-myths spread ever more widely.
The workshop
Fact-checking the EU” and panel “Communicating Facts about the EU” aim to offer CoE students a moment to reflect on how to communicate the EU both factually and appealingly.


Workshop “Fact-checking the EU” – 9:15-11 (only for Students of the College of Europe)
Room G, Dijver 11, registration required on a first-come first-served basis --> email info [at] factcheckeu.org (starting Tues 27 Jan at noon)
A practical workshop for no more than 30 students (first come first served) on how to navigate EU databases and fact-check statements or common myths about the EU. 
With: Vincent Bourgeais, Eurostat and Carlo Starace, FactCheckEU.

Panel discussion “Communicating Facts about the EU” – 11:30-13 (Open to the Public - please register by using the form below)
Room G, Dijver 11

Speakers: Tom Nuttall, The Economist, Jean Quatremer, Libération, Michiel van Hulten, London School of Economics, Lisbeth Kirk, EU Observer, Maria Lastovka, Thumbs of Europe, and Alexios Mantzarlis, FactCheckEU


(A light lunch will be offered to all participants)


Andrea Saviolo

andrea.saviolo [at] coleurope.eu

Registration for the Panel Discussion