28 Apr 2014

First Minister of Scotland, Mr Alex SALMOND has spoken at the College of Europe on EU-Scotland relations

From 12:20 till 13:45
Room E

Dijver 11
8000 Brugge

Dijver, Campus Brugge

The College of Europe was honoured to host the First Minister of Scotland, Rt Hon Alex SALMOND MSP on Monday 28 April 2014. The First Minister delivered a keynote speech on EU-Scotland relations and discuss the economic and political value of European integration.

Scotland has played an integral part in Europe since the accession of the UK in 1973 and has benefited from the peace, security and economic opportunities provided by membership of the European Union. Over these 40 years Scotland's economy and society have become fully integrated in the EU single market. In September 2014 the people of Scotland will get to vote on whether Scotland will be an independent country.

A key element of the proposals put forward by the Scottish Government is that Scotland will remain in the EU and become the 29th Member State. In this context, the College of Europe has invited the First Minister of Scotland to discuss Scotland’s contribution to the EU and specifically his vision of Europe and the role that Scotland will play in the EU.

Speech given by First Minister of Scotland, Rt Hon Alex SALMOND

European Economic Studies Department:
David RINALDI,   +32 50 477225 

Press/Media Contact for the First Minister:
Aileen EASTON,   +44 131 2445033

In collaboration with the Scottish Government EU Office

Conference Programme:

13.00 Registration and Coffee (foyer)
13.20 Welcoming remarks, Prof. Dr. Dr. Jörg MONAR, Rector of the College of Europe (Room E)
13.30 Speech by Rt Hon Alex SALMOND MSP, First Minister of Scotland
14.00 Question & Answer Session
14.40 Concluding remarks


Venue:   College of Europe Bruges campus in Belgium, located at Dijver 11, Bruges.
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