High level conference on Multi-level Governance in the European Union


Tuesday 22.09.09
09:30 to 17:30


Provinciaal Hof (Markt, Bruges)

A conference on Multilevel Governance in Europe took place in Bruges on 22 September 2009. The event was organised by the Committee of the Regions in cooperation with the Department of European Political and Administrative Studies of the College of Europe.

On this occasion the White Paper of the Committee of the Regions on Multilevel Governance was officially presented by Mr Luc Van den Brande, President of the Committee of the Regions.

The Conference gathered more than 250 participants including representatives of the Committee of the Regions, the European Parliament, and the European Commission. In addition, renowned academics, experts from eminent think tanks, members of European civil society and several students also attended.

Professor Jörg Monar, chairing the concluding panel and address by Felipe Gonzales

The morning presentation of the White Paper was followed by a roundtable on the future political programme for Europe. In the afternoon an open workshop dedicated to the opportunities and challenges of Multilevel Governance was held.

During the Bruges conference, a constructive exchange of views and ideas occurred, as the event represented a unique chance for discussing and reflecting on the future of European governance. Broad consensus emerged on the importance of local and regional authorities for the European construction, for the development of EU public policies, as well as for meeting contemporary challenges.

For further details on the programme and on the outcomes of the conference, please, consult the Overview of the Conference Debates that has been published on the website of the Committee of the Regions.