01 Feb 2016

Study Trip of the Department of European Political and Administrative Studies to Luxembourg and Strasbourg

From 01/02 till 04/02

Luxembourg & Strasbourg

From 1 to 4 February 2016, the Department of European Political and Admistrative Studies went on its annual study trip to visit the main European institutions in Luxembourg and Strasbourg.

In Luxembourg, the students visited either the European Investment Bank or the Court of Justice of the EU. In Strasbourg, they all visited the Council of Europe and the European Parliament, where they met four MEPs, Mrs BERES (French, S&D), Mr STAES (Belgian, Green/ALE) and Mr GOERENS (Luxemburg, ALDE), and Mr LEINEN (DE, S&D) as well as parliamentary assistants. They were invited to a reception and a presentation at the City Hall of Strasbourg and at the Region Alsace. They also visited either the European Court of Human Rights or the Eurocorps Headquarters. In addition, they were invited to attend cultural activities, with a choice between visiting the offices of the Franco-German TV Channel ARTE, a walking tour of Strasbourg, a visit of the Cathedral or a meeting at the European Ombudsman headquarters.

Find here the video montage of the POL Study Trip

(video montage and pictures: Victor DELAGE)




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