24 Apr 2014

What Future(s) for European Energy Governance? - High-Level Policy Conference

From 09:30 till 16:00
Auditorium 1

Verversdijk, Bruges

European Energy Policy_logo

Over the past few years, energy has moved to the centre stage of EU policy-making, creating a strong demand for both well-trained graduates and high-profile frameworks for research and debate on energy and climate policy challenges. In this context, the College of Europe has launched a new Chair on European Energy Policy with the generous support of the ALCOA Foundation. The Chair aims to bring innovative ideas in the energy field, with a particular focus on European challenges and policy responses.

The Chair officially launched its activities with a High-Level Opening Policy Conference taking place at its Bruges campus on 24 April 2014.

The conference looked at the EU from outside (Where is the EU on the global energy picture?) as well as at the future of European energy governance. It brought together over 200 senior officials, stakeholders, experts from the EU energy sector and beyond and students from the College of Europe.

Mr Dominique RISTORI, Director-General for Energy, European Commission, delivered the keynote address.

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