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NICOLAIDES Ph. & KIFMANN M. & SCHADE W. - Joint Seminar for Case Analysis : European Public Policy Analysis (50h)


At the end of the course, politics students will be able to integrate economic analysis in their reasoning and economists will learn to see how economics plays a role in policy-making. The students will become acquainted with advanced topics relating to three specific policy areas: health policy, transport policy, and state aid. They will be able to understand the policy processes and economic tools involved in the making, implementation, and evaluation of these policies.

The students will learn to combine reasoning from political and economic angles in order to critically approach real-life cases. The students will develop the ability to engage with academic and theoretical material as well as understand complex policy documents, forming their own opinions on crucial aspects of the three policy areas.

Professors: Matthias KIFMANN, Phedon NICOLAIDES, Wolfgang SCHADE