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RENDA A. - Regulating the Future : Public Policy in the Age of Disruptive Digital Innovation (30h)

Welcome to the intranet page of the course "Regulating the Future : Public Policy in the Age of Disruptive Digital Innovation", taught by the Chair in Digital Innovation at the College of Europe, prof. Andrea RENDA.

This course aims at providing students with a thorough understanding of the features, opportunities and challenges of digital innovation, as well as of the need for policymakers to expand their toolkit to be able to perform their role in an ever-changing environment. This entails a mix of notions and tools ranging from a basic understanding of the ICT ecosystem and its competition and innovation dynamics, to regulatory governance aspects (e.g. the use of better regulation tools and experimental policymaking); theories of innovation (in particular, open, distributed innovation), legal instruments (e.g. on privacy, security, property, tort and contract law); and broader policy aspects (e.g. the impact of artificial intelligence on the job market). The final aim of the course is enabling students to develop a holistic view of how to create an overall policy framework that harnesses the enormous potential of digital innovation and leads to a harmonious development of emerging digital technologies, without generating negative consequences in social, economic and environmental terms. The course will focus mostly on the EU and its digital single market, but most of the notions will be applicable also to other jurisdictions.

Professor: Andrea RENDA

Course Assistant: Gil STEIN