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CASSARINO Jean-Pierre - EU Readmission Policies and the EU’s Southern Neighbourhood (10h)

Having analysed the cobweb of bilateral agreements sustaining the unprecedented expansion of a readmission system involving countries having contrasting interests and contingencies, this course will address the varied functions of this system. Such functions cannot be captured with exclusive reference to the “fight against irregular migration”, coercion, or the oft-cited securitisation of immigration policies. In this light, students will be invited to broaden their analytical spectrum beyond disciplinary dogmatism by examining deeper trends cutting across the growing expansion of this system. By all accounts, this system has implications for the fundamental rights and safety of foreign nationals, especially when the latter are exposed to enhanced vulnerability and social distress after deportation. That being said, this system may also have indirect implications for the ways in which state-citizen relationships have been altered over the last decades. In sum, beyond recurrent calls for “effective” cooperation and increased “return rates”, this course gives students the necessary tools to go through the looking-glass of the drive for readmission in the EU’s external relations. // ECTS Card

Professor: Jean-Pierre CASSARINO