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CASTELLINO Joshua & CAVANAUGH Kathleen - Minority Issues, Nationalism and Identity Politics in the EU’s Neighbourhood (20h)

This course will examine the question of identity politics in both Europe and the Middle East. Part 1 of the course will the focus on Europe and provide an overview of the minority (and other) legal frameworks that apply at both the regional and international level.  This section will examine that politics in to law debate and provide insights into the underpinning of the identity politics that are increasingly shaping Europe. Part 2 will then turn to the MENA region with a view to de-exceptionalising what is often seen as an exceptional case. This section will provide useful framework for understanding and critiquing the ways in which contestation in the region has been explained—especially as it applies to minority groups.  The section will then look at a number of contemporary issues, including the rise of ‘Islam,’ that is so often seen as totalizing of the region. // ECTS Card

Professors: Joshua CASTELLINO and Kathleen CAVANAUGH