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MAYR-HARTING Thomas - The European Union and Bi- and Multilateral Diplomacy (20h)

This course will provide students with a practitioner's view on the evolving role of the EU in bi- und multilateral diplomacy. In its introductory part, it will examine the practical impact of the Lisbon Treaty on the EU's capacity to "speak with one voice" in foreign affairs. It will discuss the respective roles of the High Representative and other EU actors, including EU Delegations, but also look at the special influence EU Member States continue to exert in foreign policy areas of shared European interest, e.g. as UN Security Council members or in specific configurations such as the "Normandy format". The EU's ability to combine, in a "comprehensive approach", traditional diplomatic action with its instruments in the fields of security policy, trade, development and humanitarian aid will be analyzed as well. The first part of the course will be dedicated to the EU's role at the United Nations, with a focus on its capacity to coordinate the positions of and speak for the 28 EU Member States, as well as on EU concertation on matters on the agenda of the Security Council. In its second part, the course will look at examples of bilateral diplomatic action by the EU, in particular in its relations with Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans. Whenever possible, teaching will be based on real life case studies. // ECTS Card

Professor: Thomas MAYR-HARTING