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TYUSHKA Andriy & DOBRESCU Madalina - The EU, the Wider Neighbourhood, and Foreign and Security Policy Cooperation (10h)

This Compact Seminar explores the structural and operational dimensions of the EU’s Foreign and Security Policy (FSP) Cooperation with its immediate and wider neighbourhoods. Drawing on a broad conception of the ‘neighbourhood’, its geographical focus centres around the EU’s southern and eastern neighbours, covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), at the same time as extending further into the wider neighbourhood of the so-called ‘neighbours of the neighbours’.

The Seminar enquires into the possibilities and limits of the EU’s FSP cooperation with its neighbours, as well as with other international actors with stakes in the broadly defined neighbourhoods. It addresses the EU’s and neighbourhoods’ understandings of security, the structural and institutional frameworks of their foreign and security policy interactions, as well as the operational dimension of EU’s FSP engagement in its eastern and southern neighbourhoods, and the wider neighbourhood. Particular attention will be given to EU conflict management efforts in the neighbourhoods, as well as the neighbours’ own participation in EU security and defence policy instruments. // ECTS Card

Professors: Madalina DOBRESCUAndriy TYUSHKA