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WHELAN Moira - Digital Diplomacy (8h)

This course seeks to provide students with a practical understanding of the use of social media as a diplomatic tool.

The course begins with an overview of the evolution of social media as a method of communication by governments to the people to a tool of revolution and change and exploring the questions of social media as a disruptor of democracy.

Students will then be led through a simulation where they act as the “digital diplomats” and develop a campaign and face the challenges of implementation in a fragmented world.

A review of lessons learned and best practices will follow, designed to empower future civil servants to better harness digital tools for diplomatic outcomes.

This course is designed for future policy makers to have a better understanding of the powerful tools of communication and how they can better interact with these tools and the specialists who use them. Students will attain a better understanding of the basics of diplomatic practice, communications campaigns and strategies, and an understanding of digital engagement as a tool of public diplomacy. Students will also receive a working overview of how online malign actors manipulate digital tools to advance their objectives.

No prior knowledge of social media or disinformation is required. No communications background is required. Students will be asked to participate actively through presentations and discussions in the class. // ECTS Card

Professor: Moira WHELAN