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ALESSANDRI E. - US-EU Relations in the 21st Century : Transatlantic Project (15h)

Professor: Emiliano ALESSANDRI          

This course is designed to enable students who have familiarized with transatlantic relations during their first semester in the MATA programme to go a step further and apply their knowledge to a specific policy task, moving from theory to practice and from analysis to operational policy advice. For the academic year 2019-2020, the class will be asked to outline a possible transatlantic strategy vis-à-vis China. More specifically, acting as if they were a US-based transatlantic think tank, students will be expected to offer the next US President-elect actionable options on how to engage Europe towards a coordinated approach to China that serves US and Western interests. The project-based course will require the class to work as one team – via several individual assignments - towards the preparation of a collective think tank-like policy report offering policy-oriented recommendations. The interactive course aims to provide the necessary skills for working on the cusp between research and policy.

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