Onglets principaux

BUCCIROSSI P. - Actions for Damages : Quantification of Harm (15h)

Students will learn how to apply economic models and empirical techniques to estimate damages caused by infringements of competition law and how economic evidence is used in civil law suits.

More concretely, the course will deal with:

  1. The conceptual framework of damage quantification: the counterfactual scenario;

  2. Cartel cases:over charge and pass on effects;

  3. Comparator-based methods for overcharge estimation: before-and-after; yardstick and difference-in-differences;

  4. Regression analysis for the implementation of the comparator-based methods;

  5. Structural factors that influence the degree of pass-on;

  6. Methods and techniques for the estimation of pass-on effects;

  7. Exclusionary cases: lost profit.

Professor: Paolo BUCCIROSSI

Academic Assistant: Diego VILLAFÁÑEZ SAGARDOY