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BUTTERWICK-PAWLIKOWSKI Richard - History of European Civilization (20h)

This compulsory course provides a broad-brush outline of the history of European civilization, and is particularly aimed at those students who have not previously studied the ‘History of Europe’ in depth or systematically. Chronologically it will cover the entire span from Antiquity to the present, and geographically it will cover the whole of the European (sub-)continent. The course will concentrate on processes, changes and continuities, especially in culture and values, and will keep names and dates to the necessary minimum. Among the key themes will be the division between Graeco-Roman ‘civilization’ and ‘barbarians’, the consequences of the long-lasting divide between eastern and western Christendom, and conflicts over intellectual and religious renewal between the Renaissance and Enlightenment, leading to revolutionary transformations in politics, society, economy and culture, especially manifest in the clashes of global and continental empires, and the nation- and state-building processes of the long nineteenth century. Finally, the course poses the question of whether Europe’s twentieth century can be summed up as ‘To Hell and back’. It probes the cultural impact of the trauma of two world wars and the subsequent division of Europe by the ‘Iron Curtain’, followed by Europe’s partial (re-)unification since the fall of Communism and concludes with some current challenges to the idea of ‘Europe’. // ECTS Card