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KALFADELLIS Paul - Communicating Cross Culturally (8h)

The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with an awareness and an understanding of the issues that allow for effective cross-cultural communication. The workshop aims to provide participants with an appreciation of how communication patterns anchored in different cultural settings can impact upon how we engage and inter-relate with others. 

After a brief examination of the nature of identity and culture, the workshop considers the ways in which cultural values are expressed in social behaviour and the communication process, including both verbal and non-verbal cues in different societies and contexts. The relevance of culture and its impact on communication practices is analyzed and illustrated in various cultural settings.  Western cultural value orientations are explained and compared with those to be found in Asian cultures specifically China, in order to highlight and provide for an understanding of difference. The workshops will also enable students to have an appreciation of how cultural values affect communication patterns in the workplace and in society in general. The workshop concludes with a consideration of the factors that help individuals attain competence in cross-cultural communication.

Presented through a combination of both didactic and experiential teaching approaches, the workshop incorporates both culture general and culture specific information. Culture-general information enables the participants to be prepared for dealing with a broader cross section of people from a range of cultures. The approach considers a range of general cultural characteristics in order to study difference. Culture-specific information provides the participants with the information to engage at a level that goes beyond the culture-general information. Culture-specific information helps provide an understanding of societal mores, professional situations, workplace behaviour, and government interactions in specific cultural settings.// ECTS Card

Professor: Paul KALFADELLIS