Onglets principaux

LYNSKEY O. & RENDA A. - Law and Economics of Data Protection and Privacy (25h)

This course aims to provide participants with a basic understanding of the key legal and economic concepts relevant to the regulation of personal data processing in the digital environment. Participants are encouraged to use this understanding to analyse critically existing data governance mechanisms in the European Union and to assess alternative regulatory responses. 

The content of the course will cover:

  • Sessions by Dr Lynskey will provide participants with an introduction to the relevant legal framework governing personal data processing in the EU. During session 1 participants will discuss the scope of application of the EU data protection framework; the rights this framework bestows on individuals and the responsibilities it entails for those who process personal data. Session 2 will require participants to attend panels III and IV of the Law Department’s annual conference. This year’s theme is ‘Democracy and Human Rights in the Digital Age: Fundamental Reflections’.  
  • Sessions by Professor Renda will analyse core aspects of data governance from an economic perspective. Participants will consider the basic economics of information and data; examine data protection law through a behaviour economic lens; discuss the relationship between GDPR and the emerging EU Trustworthy AI policy; and consider how to empower individuals in an information-rich era.  

For more information, please consult the ECTS Card.