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PUETTER U. - The Council and New Intergovernmentalism - Law-making, Policy Coordination and Executive Power (30h)

This course is an advanced-level seminar on the Council of the European Union and its role as a central policy-making institution within the EU’s political system. It specifically introduces students to the Council as a diverse policy-making environment in which member state representatives simultaneously and by using different working methods engage in legislative decision-making, policy coordination and executive decision-making.

The course discusses how the role of the Council as the central forum for representing member state governments in EU decision-making has changed within the context of new intergovernmentalism, as a key dynamic of institutional change in post-Maastricht integration. Besides its traditional role as a co-legislator the Council is reviewed as being the key organisational structure through which member state governments as well as the Commission exercise far-reaching executive powers collectively in some of the EU’s most prominent policy domains.

The course will be taught by prof. Uwe PUETTER.

The ECTS Card of the course is available here.