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RODFORD P. - The Legal Framework of Electronic Communication (8h)

The regulation of electronic communications services in the EU

Electronic communications services are the medium by which internet, email, social media, texts, messaging, phone calls and TV and radio broadcasts are carried around the globe. In a sector formerly dominated by national monopolies, the EU has been at the forefront of the deregulatory drive that has enabled European companies to offer better and cheaper services to their customers in Europe and worldwide. As this market has matured, regulation has evolved, culminating in a reformulated package that will be applied in the Member States from end 2020.

This compact seminar looks at the new provisions in the light of the regulatory steps that preceded them and their relationship with EU competition and content regulation.

At the conclusion of the seminar students will have a clear view of the EU and Member States’ regulatory landscapes in this important sector and the impact on market players, users and consumers.


The Seminar will be held on WEBEX: click here for the access link. The virtual room will open 5 minutes before 09.00h