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SCHUMACHER Tobias - Introduction to Political Science and International Relations (10h)

This course aims at introducing students to the academic disciplines Political Science and International Relations (IR) and, more broadly, to European Foreign Policy Analysis (EFPA).

This module explains the evolution and core themes of Political Science and the main theories of IR whilst referring to concrete examples how these theories can be used to better understand certain developments in global politics. It also provides students with an introduction into EFPA, enabling students to understand better the analytical challenges of analyzing EU foreign policy.

After providing a brief overview of the evolution of Political Science and its core themes, it offers an overview of the evolution of IR as a (sub-)discipline, as well as the most relevant terms and the challenges associated with them, the course is destined to equip students with a conceptual/theoretical tool-box needed to analyze developments in the international system and (EU) foreign policy from a more conceptual perspective.

In this regard, the course will discuss meta-theoretical approaches, such as Foreign Policy Analysis, (Neo-) Realism and (Neo-)Liberalism, as well as more recent schools of thought, such as Constructivism, Europeanization, and Liberal Intergovernmentalism. It will also discuss the EU’s role in international politics in a more conceptual way and help students to better grasp the characteristics and (limited) explanatory value of role concepts such as Civilian Power Europe, Normative Power Europe, Market Power Europe, and Ethical Power Europe. // ECTS Card

Professor: Tobias SCHUMACHER