Onglets principaux

WIŚNIEWSKI Rafał - Public Diplomacy (8h)

The workshop will give each participant the opportunity to face the challenge of the practical application of the concept, methods and tools of contemporary public diplomacy (PD), with the intention of stimulating their own reflection as well as possible further (self)training in the subject. 

Participants will also have the opportunity to reflect on present expert views on PD, its relation to traditional forms of diplomatic activity and related fields (foreign information policy/propaganda, cultural cooperation and nation-branding).

The aim of the workshop is to give a sense of benefit to all participants, despite that they originate from countries with a very diversified level of engagement and expertise in PD.

The leader of the workshop was involved in PD as both a „field manager” (director of a cultural institute, head of a diplomatic mission) and as a strategist and organizer of this activity at the ministerial and state level.//ECTS Card

Professor: Rafał WIŚNIEWSKI