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CARRER S. - Effective Political Communication (8h)

Does communication matter? Yes, it does. Does it matter in politics? Absolutely yes.

Today, we are at the frontier of disruptive dynamics in a world that is globally interconnected, socially amplified and doggedly sceptical. Policies and politics are shaped as never before. Stakeholders are hyper-connected and globally active. News, information and opinion – accurate and inaccurate – fills traditional, digital and social channels in a 24/7 torrent. Individuals and advocacy groups have unprecedented levels of information, access and influence. And at the centre of the maelstrom, policymakers are pressured to quickly address issues and deliver outcomes.  

Whether you will be a lobbyist, an EU/National official, a diplomat, a lawyer, a politician or an executive in a private company, you should be equipped to navigate this environment successfully.

This hands-on and interactive seminar will explore the rapidly evolving role of communication, with the following learning objectives:

  • Understand the importance of communication in shaping today’s politics and policies through examples and case-studies
  • Learn how to develop engaging and compelling narratives and deliver them through online and offline channels
  • Master tools and techniques of effective political communication