Onglets principaux

HUBERT A. - Gender and European Policies (8h)

We will analyse the concept of gender and gender inequalities from different angles: first, how did equality between women and men and gender emerged into the EU policy agenda, which institutional set of instruments upheld the policy and its evolution and how does it interact with other policy fields. 

This seminar will provide students with the tools for critical knowledge used in gender studies to analyse the policies and politics of gender and put some of the EU policies and processes in perspective. Contemporary debates on the fluidity of gender and around discriminations and inequalities will be addressed.

We will review the different approaches, policy tools and strategies developed over sixty years and how EU level gender equality policy has become a reference and a leverage for actors in the Member States and on the international scene. The current state of play, controversies around gender and the impact of the Me Too movement, the measure of inequalities, gender based violence and the effect of EU policies to address gender inequalities will form a large part of the exchanges in this seminar. The impact of the pandemia and a gendered approach to recovery will also be investigated.