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JUNCOS A.E. - EU Foreign and Security Policy (20h)

The aim of this compulsory course is to give students an in-depth understanding of one of the most dynamic areas of European integration: the foreign and security policies of the EU. The course will seek to establish a critical appreciation of current theoretical debates about European foreign policy cooperation and the EU as an international power; the problem of forging consensus among diverse member states in a more contested world; challenges relating to the projection of the EU’s interests and values beyond its contested borders; the potential emergence of a common strategic culture at the EU level; and the impact of EU policies on national foreign policies and vice versa. After examining the origin, nature and objectives of the EU’s foreign policy, the course will provide an empirically informed understanding of the increasing role of the EU as a global actor in different areas, including a critical assessment of the EU’s enlargement policies and the way the EU deals with conflicts and crises in its neighbourhood. In addition, the course will examine postcolonial and gender approaches to EU foreign and security policies.

Professor: Ana E. JUNCOS

ECTS card 2020-2021