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LEMPEREUR Alain - International Negotiations (12h)

High-level officials negotiate all the time, and they need to do so responsibly. This course aims at improving participants’ analytical and interpersonal skills in their international negotiations, and make sure they do first things first. It is important they prepare before action, to build a sound strategy and strong coalitions. They must also reinforce relationships and trust, internally through the mandate, and externally with the representatives of other partner organisation or states, before any other action. Negotiating the process and agenda is needed before addressing the problems and seeking solutions. In a meeting, negotiators must also communicate effectively, using active perception before persuasion. They also need to identify common platforms with others, before they express their own demands. In other words, participants will become more aware of how they can behave more responsibly in international negotiation contexts. // ECTS Card

Professor: Alain LEMPEREUR