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MANN S. - Corporate Social Responsibility and Compliance (8h)

Professor: MANN Sunwinder    Academic Assistant: SABOURI Anahita


Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") and compliance issues have a crucial role to play in contemporary society, particularly as the globalisation phenomenon entrenches itself further. Businesses have been the key players to benefit from globalisation, but have also been key contributors to society through the creation of wealth and employment. However, concerns continue to amass that businesses have failed to accept duties (corollary to the benefits that they have gained) arising out of the globalisation process.

The seminar will analyse how corporations deal (or should deal) with issues such as environment/sustainable development, human rights, business ethics and corruption, labour rights, competition/antitrust, trade, sanctions, export controls, and anti-terrorism initiatives. The seminar will also identify a wide range of stakeholders potentially concerned by the above-mentioned issues.

In a nutshell, the seminar is intended to enable:

  •  those students entering the corporate sector to understand the necessity and benefits of business social responsibility; and
  •  those students entering the public sector (and perhaps involved in regulating corporate activity) to understand that CSR should not unduly stifle economic development.