ALESSANDRI E. & BERTI B. - US-EU Relations in the 21st Century: Transatlantic Project (20h)

Syllabus (20/12/2021)

Professors: E. Alessandri and B. Berti                       Academic Assistant: Juliette Dupont

This course is designed to enable students who have familiarized with transatlantic relations during their first semester in the MATA programme to go a step further and apply their knowledge to a specific policy task, moving from theory to practice and from analysis to operational policy advice.  For the academic year 2021-2022, the class will be asked to address the future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) from the specific standpoint of three Atlantic Alliance members. With a view to the adoption of NATO’s new strategic concept at the Madrid NATO Summit (June 2022), acting as if they were the delegations of the US, France and Poland to the North Atlantic Council, students will be expected to prepare national position papers presenting respective national priorities and approaches regarding the future of NATO. The class will divide itself in three groups, which will research the positions of the three selected countries within NATO with a view to articulating national proposals as well as seeking compromise solutions with the lager NATO membership. In so doing, students will familiarize with some of the transatlantic debates regarding NATO’s future and address differences that exist strategic culture and national threats assessments, across the Atlantic as well as within Europe itself. The three policy papers will pay particular attention to national views on: Allied strategy and NATO’s policies towards Russia and China in the context of East-West relations; NATO’s role in addressing challenges stemming from the South (with a focus on the MENA region); NATO’s evolving tasks in tackling transnational and emerging challenges, from hybrid threats to climate change; NATO’s relationship with the European Union and the OSCE in the context of European security.

Contacts :

Emiliano Alessandri

Benedetta Berti


Academic year
2021 - 2022
Second semester
Course type
Compulsory courses
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