DEMBLANS A. & PALAZUELOS MARTINEZ M. - Working in the EU Institutions, why, what and how : Theory and Practice (30h)

This course aims to equip students interested in a career in the institutions of the European Union (EU) with an adequate set of tools: (i) the knowledge about career trajectories in the EU institutions, the various categories, the hierarchy of positions, the different types of status and the priorities governing work therein, (ii) the know-how on the competitions organised by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) through a comprehensive training covering all the phases of the selection procedure, building on detailed guidance and a wide range of concrete cases, examples and simulation exercises and (iii) the know-be about the culture of the EU institutions and the core values of the European public service. As such, this course offers students an interesting mix of theory and practice to guide them in their future career paths.

Professors Albane DEMBLANS and Manuel PALAZUELOS

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Academic year
2021 - 2022
Second semester
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Optional courses
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