Insertion professionnelle

After the College, our students go on to a wide range of career paths.
Below you can see a sample of positions students obtain shortly after leaving the College.


  • Youssef BALTI, Relationship Analyst at Citi Bank
  • Eugenia BRANDIMARTE, Assistant Economist at UK Competition and Markets Authority
  • Corina-Laurentia DARII, Analyst at Alpha FMC
  • Manuel FREWER, Analyst at Compass Lexecon
  • Marie GABRIELLE DE LIEDEKERKE, Junior Policy Analyst at OECD
  • Luis GALIANO BASTARRICA, Bluebook Trainee at European Commission - DG ENER
  • Rodolphe GUILLEMIN, Bluebook Trainee at European Commission - DG Research and Innovation
  • Katarzyna KACPRZAK, Bluebook Trainee at European Commission - DG Budget
  • Klaas LENAERTS, Trainee at European Securities and Markets Agency
  • Mathilda LOUSSERT, Bluebook Trainee at European Commission, DG FISMA
  • Filippo MAZZA, Trainee at European Central Bank - SSM
  • Jesús URIOS CULIAÑEZ, Assistant Account Executive at FleishManHillard
  • Felipe VAN DE KERKHOF, Research and Business Development Analyst at Aurora Energy Research in Berlin


  • María AUDERA, International Consultant at International Trade Center
  • Leonardo BARONE, European Services Analyst at Wavestone
  • Nicolas BILLOD, Professeur d'Economie Gestion at Education Nationale (France)
  • Jakub BLATKIEWICZ, Digital Single Market Advisor at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Poland
  • Carlos COCA GAMITO, Economic Advisor at Ministry of Economy, Guinea-Bissau
  • Caroline FRANZEN, Competition Analyst at Oxera
  • Gonzalo INFANZÓN, International Arbitration Juriste at Dechert LLP
  • Cristoph NODOP, Microeconomics Analyst at Frontier Economics
  • Philipp PAETZOLD, Macroeconomics Analyst at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Máximo PLO SECO, Business Development and Client Engagement Manager at Cultural Infusion
  • Youssef RAIS, Business Information Analyst at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Manuel RODRÍGUEZ FRAGA, Regulatory Data Analyst at MFEX Mutual Funds Exchange