Bruges Regional Integration & Global Governance Papers

En coopération avec UNU-CRIS, de 2008 à 2015 le département a coédité une série de travaux dédiés à l’étude de l’Union européenne et d'autres formes de régionalisme ou d'interrégionalisme dans une perspective comparative, au rôle des organisations régionales dans la gouvernance mondiale, ainsi qu'aux relations extérieures et à la diplomatie de ces régions.

Appel à contributions (télécharger)

A Progressive Promoter of Women’s Rights? Comparing EU Policy towards the ACP and the EMP Countries (464.96 Ko application/pdf)
3/2015 (octobre 2015)

Eleonoora Väänänen, Alumna of the Falcone and Borsellino promotion

The European Union’s Regionalism Diplomacy in Africa: An English School Approach (735.5 Ko application/pdf)
2/2015 (octobre 2015)

Ueli Staeger, Ph.D. candidate, The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva; Alumnus of the Falcone and Borsellino promotion

Paper Tiger or Game-Changer? Challenges of and Opportunities for EU Engagement with the Eurasian Economic Union (729.12 Ko application/pdf)
1/2015 (septembre 2015)

Andrea Chiarello, Alumnus of the Falcone and Borsellino Promotion

Conflicting Role Conceptions: In Search of the European Union’s Added Value for its Southern Neighbors (926.47 Ko application/pdf)
4/2014 (décembre 2014)

Joren Selleslaghs, Alumnus of the College of Europe Voltaire promotion 

The Border Management Programme in Central Asia: Explaining the European Union’s Choice of Implementing Partners (680.8 Ko application/pdf)
3/2014 (novembre 2014)

Josh Gartland, Intern Researcher UNU-CRIS 

L’Union européenne face aux BRICS dans la gouvernance mondiale : Une réponse efficace ? (741.02 Ko application/pdf)
2/2014 (juillet 2014)

Balazs Ujvari, Alumnus of the College of Europe Voltaire Promotion

Shifting Between Hegemony and Dominance? A Neo-Gramscian Analysis of the EU as a Structural Foreign Policy Actor: The Singular Case of the Cariforum-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (706.46 Ko application/pdf)
1/2014 (mars 2014)

Yentyl Williams, Alumna of the College of Europe Václav Havel Promotion

The EU and the Arms Trade Treaty:An Analysis of the European Union’s Effectiveness in Multilateral Security Governance (695.41 Ko application/pdf)
3/2013 (décembre 2013)

Iulian Romanyshyn, Alumnus of the College of Europe Václav Havel Promotion.

To Be or Not to Be a Normative Power:The EU’s Promotion of Human Rights and Democracy in Russia (740.98 Ko application/pdf)
2/2013 (septembre 2013)

Ana Daskalova, Alumna of the College of Europe Václav Havel Promotion

The Arab Spring: A Litmus Test for the EU’s Women’s Rights Policy in the Euro-Mediterranean Area? (634.54 Ko application/pdf)
1/2013 (septembre 2013)

Emily Claire Robinson, Alumna of the College of Europe Václav Havel Promotion

The European Union in the Arctic: A Pole Position? (1.06 Mo application/pdf)
4/2012 (décembre 2012)

Julien Daemers, Alumnus of the College of Europe Marie Curie-Skłodowska Promotion

The Gulf Cooperation Council as a New Regional Power: Time for the EU to Propose a Strategic Partnership (902.81 Ko application/pdf)
3/2012 (novembre 2012)

Cono Giardullo, Alumnus of the College of Europe Marie Curie-Skłodowska Promotion

The European Union’s Role in the Formation of India’s Climate Change Policy (1.01 Mo application/pdf)
2/2012 (septembre 2012)

Emily Murrell, Alumna of the College of Europe Marie Curie-Skłodowska Promotion

The European Union’s Policy towards Central Asia and South Caucasus: a Coherent Strategy? (738.01 Ko application/pdf)
1/2012 (février 2012)

Laurène Aubert, Alumna of the Albert Einstein Promotion

The EU Strategy for the Danube Region: What Potential Contribution to Regional Stability and Co-operation? (832.95 Ko application/pdf)
4/2011 (septembre 2011)

Mojca Kodric, Alumna of the Albert Einstein Promotion

As Time Goes by: EU Climate Change Actorness from Rio to Copenhagen (785.29 Ko application/pdf)
3/2011 (septembre 2011)

Thomas Heidener, Almunus of the Albert Einstein Promotion

The Role of the Emerging Countries in the G20: Agenda-setter, Veto Player or Spectator? (728.6 Ko application/pdf)
2/2011 (juin 2011)

Katharina Gnath, DGAP/Hertie School of Governance Berlin and Claudia Schmucker, German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP)

The European Union’s Role in Promoting and Implementing the Responsibility to Protect in Africa: Turning Political Commitments into Effective Action (902.75 Ko application/pdf)
1/2011 (mars 2011)

Andrej Kirn, Alumnus of the Charles Darwin Promotion

What Kind of Interregionalism? The EU-Mercosur Relationship within the Emerging “Transatlantic Triangle” (799.24 Ko application/pdf)
3/2010 (octobre 2010)

Emanuele Pollio, Alumnus of the Charles Darwin Promotion

Nosce Te Ipsum: Positioning the EU's CSDP as a Regional Ordnungsmacht (996.9 Ko application/pdf)
2/2010 (septembre 2010)

Tobias Felix Franke, Alumnus of the Charles Darwin Promotion

Security as an Interregional Concern: The EU and the Middle East (687.61 Ko application/pdf)
1/2010 (février 2010)

Helena Lindholm Schulz, Professor of Peace and Development Research at the School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg

The Promotion of Regional Economic Integration in the EU’s Neighbourhood: CEFTA 2006 and the Agadir Agreement (735.27 Ko application/pdf)
5/2009 (décembre 2009)

Anne Willenberg, Alumna of the Marcus Aurelius Promotion

La coopération entre l’Union européenne et la Communauté andine contre le trafic illicite de stupéfiants:une étude de cas d’interrégionalisme (769.08 Ko application/pdf)
4/2009 (novembre 2009)

Giovanni Molano Cruz, Visiting Researcher at UNU-CRIS

Sub-regional Cooperation in Europe: An Assessment (692.42 Ko application/pdf)
3/2009 (octobre 2009)

Andrew Cottey, Senior Lecturer and Jean Monnet Chair in European Political Integration, University College Cork

EU-US Cooperation in International Peace and Security: Bilateral versus Multilateral Dialogues (1.03 Mo application/pdf)
2/2009 (septembre 2009)

Simona Lipstaite, Alumna of the Marcus Aurelius Promotion, 

The European Union and Security Sector Reform in Africa: a Leader in Theory, a Laggard in Reality? (845 Ko application/pdf)
1/2009 (avril 2009)

Quentin Weiler, Coordinator at the French Representation to the Political and Security Committee of the European Union

The EU Common Foreign and Security Policy in the UN Security Council: Between Representation and Coordination (1.1 Mo application/pdf)
3/2008 (septembre 2008)

Daniele Marchesi, former Researcher at UNU-CRIS and Academic Assistant at the College of Europe

'Patchwork Europe'? The EU's Representation in International Institutions (1.12 Mo application/pdf)
2/2008 (juillet 2008)

Sieglinde Gstöhl, Permanent Professor at the College of Europe, Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies

Towards a Coherent Regional Institutional Landscape in the United Nations? Implications for Europe (1.21 Mo application/pdf)
1/2008 (juillet 2008)

Kennedy Graham, Visiting Professor at the College of Europe and Associate Research Fellow at UNU-CRIS

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