Student profile & career

​The Master of Arts in Transatlantic Affairs programme targets talented young professionals with a minimum of four years of university study and some professional experience in relevant domains. Candidates are expected to apply to the partner institution where they wish to spend the first year.

The language of instruction in the programme is English, but students are required to be proficient in another language.  The College of Europe offers courses taught in French, which students with a sufficient knowledge of the language may follow. However, students may meet the graduation requirements for the MATA by demonstrating proficiency in any second language (including their native language). At the end of their studies, graduates are awarded a fully recognized and accredited joint degree and become part of extensive alumni networks at both institutions, enabling the development of transatlantic contacts.

Graduates of the two institutions have attained high-level positions as officials in international organizations (European Union, NATO, United Nations), as well as within national public sectors as diplomats or officials in ministries and agencies. Additionally, graduates have held leadership positions in the private sector as managers or consultants in corporations, consultancies and law firms or in civil society working in numerous capacities for non-profit organizations. Other graduates have worked as policy analysts in think tanks or have gone on to pursue academic careers.