08 mar 2016

Speech by H.E. Mr Gilbert SABOYA SUNYE, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Andorra

A partir de 11:00 till 11:00

Verversdijk, Bruges campus
Verversdijk 16
8000 Brugge

Verversdijk, Bruges campus

H.E. Mr Gilbert SABOYA SUNYE, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Andorra, gave a speech entitled "Andorra: Change Brings Opportunity" at the College of Europe on Tuesday 8 March 2016.


A description of the Reform Process

Andorra has experienced in recent years a unique momentum, opening its economy to foreign investment and implementing deep internal reforms aiming at achieving higher competitiveness in a globalized economy.

In alignment with this process, Andorra is currently negotiating an Association Agreement with the European Union in order to participate in the single market while taking into account its particularities.



The speech was followed by a Q&A Session.

The event was open to all students and to the public.

Contact person : Stéphanie PARMENTIER

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