Communicating in an EU-related environment

A three-day course to build effective and memorable communication strategies, plans and activities

20-22 November 2023 / Bruges

This three-day programme was designed to help participants navigate the complex and yet important communications field in an EU related-environment. With a vast variety of interlocutors (the institutions, the Member States, service and contract providers working for the EU, the Regions, the private sector, etc.), communicating within the framework of a European Project and/or on EU Affairs is a challenge as well as an inspiring and highly creative task.


The course combines different learning approaches, on both substance and skills:


  • Interactive training sessions examining theoretical and practical aspects of communication;
  • Best practices and dos and don’ts in key areas such as strategic communications, social media, campaigns and event management;
  • Workshops designed to identify and develop essential practical skills related to the design of communication strategies and action plans.
  • A practical exercise, where participants will reflect together and put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired during the sessions;
  • Individual and collective feedback giving participants the opportunity to maximise their personal learning experience.

Why this course?

Through this programme, participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Improve, extend and update their knowledge and understanding of how the EU deals with its communication and the specificities of communicating in an EU-related environment;
  • Understand the role and importance of communicating and giving visibility to the EU as a global, national and regional actor;
  • Develop practical skills for the design and production of communication strategies, plans and activities in the framework of an EU-funded project or programme and/or for entities communicating about/towards the EU;  
  • Receive best practices analysis on social media, campaigns and event management on EU affairs;
  • Obtain cutting-edge advice and insights from high-level trainers and practitioners;
  • Strengthen analytical and creative skills through the practical components in the programme;
  • Learn in a multicultural environment;
  • Extend personal and professional networks;
  • Receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course

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