Participants will be immersed in a five-day seminar on EU energy policy, delivered through lectures, debates, a panel discussion, study visits and a case study, confronting practice with theory.

More specifically, the programme offers a practical approach including the following modules:

Interactive training sessions:

-          Module 1 | EU Energy Policy: Setting the scene

-          Module 2 | The Internal Dimension of EU Energy Policy: The Fit for 55 Package

-          Module 3 | Delivering a Just Transition

-          Module 4 | The External Dimension of EU Energy Policy

-          Module 5 | Delivering a Transition Based on Research and Innovation: Industry and Funds

Panel discussion:

The external dimension of the EU Energy policy is one of the main priorities of the EU , increasing its presence and importance in the energy agenda of the major global players. This panel discussion with top-level panellists will engage participants to explore the external impacts and discuss the strategic diplomacy behind the EU's energy policy.

Study visits:

These visits are designed to provide participants with opportunities to study in detail specific subjects related to the EU Energy policy. Participants will get a chance to see the inner workings of the EU Institutions, meeting officials and overseeing the implementation of the Clean Energy for all Europeans package as part of the European Green Deal.

Case study: an all practice-oriented session aimed to identify, develop and practice European energy policy-governance skills:

The College of Europe has responded to the high and growing relevance of energy policy on the European and global agenda with the creation of the IBERDROLA Manuel Marín Chair in European Energy Policy.


As a result, participants will be able to learn about the experience of the main actors in the transition through the IBERDROLA business case study, looking into to look into the impact of EU policies on the private sector.

For more details, you can download the programme of the July 2022 edition here.
Please note that this course can be tailor made on demand for specific groups.


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