Natolin Energy and Climate Nest

Mentor: Amb. Artur LORKOWSKI

Energy is an engine of global political and economic change. At the same time, a climate change changes social, economic and environmental determinants globally. Climate action and transition to a low carbon economy with the objective to eventually reach climate neutrality is a high priority at a political agenda, both internationally and in the EU. Ever ambitious climate goals, a complex polycentric governance, diverse interests of global and transnational stakeholders, rapidly changing energy markets, as well as a need to focus on a social dimension in the context of just transition have significantly formed the discourse on energy and climate policies. Building on the campus’ well-established experience in offering topical energy, climate and environment related curriculum, students participating in the Energy and Climate Governance Nest activities will continue discussing the challenges of this complex transformation and of its governance both from the global and EU perspectives.

The ultimate mission of the NECGN is for students to deepen their academic knowledge and professional skills through a range of extracurricular activities, which cover issues in line with the current global and European priorities in the areas of energy and climate policy and governance. Furthermore, the initiatives materialized by the Nest will aim at promoting a debate on energy transition and climate action, as well as providing a platform for insightful exchanges and development of ideas between stakeholders coming from academia and research, public, private and non-governmental environment.