Peter Rodford is former Head of the European Commission unit responsible for regulatory policy in electronic communications (Information Society Directorate General), and took part on behalf of the Commission in the recent negotiation with the European Parliament and Council on the amendments to the EU regulatory framework. He was previously head of the compliance unit, responsible for ensuring Member States' implementation of the EU electronic communications regulation, for coordinating infringement proceedings against Member States relating to the e-communications directives, and for the annual report to the Council and European Parliament on e-communications.

He was a member of the Commission's staff from 1974 to 2010, and before being appointed to the Information Society DG worked in the Legal Service, the External Affairs Directorate General, and as a member of the cabinet of Commissioner Peter M. Schmidhuber, where he was responsible for telecoms liberalisation and external affairs.

He is the author, with Professor Paul Nihoul, University of Louvain, of ‘EU Electronic Communications Law’, Oxford University Press, 2004