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Riccardo Trobbiani is the UN Coordination Officer at UN/UNDP in Brussels, where he works under the guidance and direct supervision of the UN Director/UN Secretary-General's Representative towards the EU. 

He was formerly Project Researcher at the United Nations University Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS) and Academic Assistant at the College of Europe (European general studies programme).

Recent publications:

  • (2019) European Regions and their Interests, in Dialer, D. and Richter, M. (eds) Lobbying in the European Union: Strategies, Dynamics and Trends, Springer.
  • (with Hatenboer, C.) (2018) The Future of EU Science Diplomacy: Conceptual and Strategic Reflections, EL-CSID PP 2018/14 VUB, Brussels.
  • (with Schunz, S.) (2018) The European Union’s Multi-Level Cultural Diplomacy vis-à-vis the United States of America, WPS 2018/7, UNU-CRIS, Bruges.
  • (2018) Culture in the ENP South: Broad Ambitions, Little Strategy, Insufficient Means, EL-CSID PB 2018/8, VUB,‌ Brussels.
  • (2017) Strengthening the Relationship between Science and Trade Policy in the European Union, Science & Diplomacy, 6(4): 11.
  • (2017) EU Cultural Diplomacy in the MENA Region: A Qualitative Mapping of Initiatives Promoting Regional Cooperation, EL-CSID WP 2017/2, VUB,‌ Brussels. 
  • (2017) EU Cultural Diplomacy: Time to define Strategies, Means and Complementarity with Member States, EL-CSID PB 2017/3, VUB,‌ Brussels.
  • (2016) European Regions in Brussels: towards Functional Interest Representation?, BPRP 53/2016, College of Europe, Bruges.

Recent presentations at conferences, workshops and other events:

  • Speaker at the conference ‘S4D4C Global Dialogue Meeting: European science diplomacy beyond 2020’, 12-14 December 2018, Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Madrid, Spain.
  • (with Simon Schunz) Research Seminar: ‘EU Multi-Level Cultural Diplomacy towards the US’, 27 June 2018, UNU-CRIS, Bruges, Belgium.
  • Discussant for the panel 'EU Science Diplomacy: supporting regionalism in the South', Conference 'The EU in International Affairs VI', 18 May 2018, Brussels, Belgium.
  • (with Simon Schunz) Presentation: ‘EU perspective on transatlantic cultural relations’, workshop ‘Soft Power in Transatlantic Relations’, 13-14 April 2018, College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium.
  • Presentation: ‘EU cultural cooperation with the MENA’, event ‘Cultural Relations at Work (CreW): supporting culture as an engine for sustainable social and economic development in EU Neighbourhood SOUTH’, 21-22 February, 2018, Instituto Cervantes Rabat, Rabat, Morocco.
  • Presentation: ‘Regional Lobbying in the European Union’, roundtable 'Value creation 4.0: Economy - Jobs - Agriculture', 28 November 2017, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Discussant at International Conference ‘Civil Society in the ENP’, 20 October 2017, College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium.
  • Presentation: ‘EU Cultural Diplomacy in the MENA: fostering regional and inter-regional cooperation’, EL-CSID Workshop on ‘Diplomacy and Development’, 28 April 2017, Qawra, Malta.
  • Presentation: ‘EU Cultural Diplomacy in the MENA: fostering regional and inter-regional cooperation’, conference ‘Mapping Cultural Policy in the Arab Region’, 21 April 2017, University of Westminster’s Regent campus, London, UK.
  • Presentation: ‘Designing and administering a questionnaire to complement qualitative research: A case on regional lobbying in Brussels’, EG Research Seminar, 18 January 2017, College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium.