Wolfram KAISER

Wolfram Kaiser is Professor of European Studies at the University of Portsmouth and Visiting Professor at the College of Europe.

Previously (visiting) lecturer/professor at the universities of Edinburgh, Vienna, Paris IV, Cambridge, Innsbruck and Duisburg-Essen and (visiting) senior research fellow at the Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut (Essen), the Norwegian Nobel Institute (Oslo), the University of Saarbrücken, the Center for European Integration Studies (Bonn), the Institute for European History (Mainz), the Europa Institute (Edinburgh), the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies (Wassenaar), Free University of Berlin and the Centre for Global Cooperation Research (Duisburg).

  • 1994 Doctorate in modern history at the University of Hamburg
  • 1991 M.A./B.A. in modern history, international relations and public and European law at the University of Hamburg after studies in Bonn, Oxford and Hamburg.

Recent publications include:

  • W. Kaiser (with L. Bardi et al.), The European Ambition. The Group of the European People’s Party and European Integration (Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2020).
  • W. Kaiser, Shaping European Union: The European Parliament and Institutional Reform, 1979-1989 (Brussels: European Parliament Research Service, 2018)

  • (ed. with K.K. Patel), Hidden Integration. Continuities in European Cooperation in the Twentieth Century (special issue 27/2, 2018 of Contemporary European History)
  • (ed. with K.K. Patel), Cooperation and Competition among International Organisations in European Integration (special issue 24/1, 2017 of European Review of History).
  • (ed. with R. McMahon), Narrating European Integration: Actors and Stories (special issue 19/2, 2017 of National Identities).
  • (ed. with J.-H. Meyer), International Organizations and Environmental Protection: Conservation and Globalisation in the Twentieth Century (2017).
  • W. Kaiser, J. Schot, Writing the Rules for Europe. Experts, Cartels, and International Organizations (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2014)
  • W. Kaiser, S. Krankenhagen, K. Poehls, Exhibiting Europe in Museums. Transnational Networks, Collections, Narratives and Representations (New York: Berghahn, 2014).
  • (ed. with J.-H. Meyer) Societal Actors in European Integration. Polity-Building and Policy-Making 1958-1992 (2013)
  • (ed. with Brigitte Leucht and Michael Gehler) Transnational Networks in Regional Integration. Governing Europe 1945-83 (2010)
  • (ed. with Antonio Varsori) European Union History. Themes and Debates (2010)
  • (ed. with Brigitte Leucht and Morten Rasmussen) The History of the European Union. Origins of a Trans- and Supranational Polity 1950-72 (2009)
  • W. Kaiser, Christian Democracy and the Origins of European Union (2007)

Professor Kaiser's research interests include European integration history, esp. political parties, transnational networks and European institutions; the role of experts and expertise in different forms of integration since the nineteenth century; and representations of the EU and European integration in museums across Europe.

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