17 Jun 2023

Graduation Ball of the David Sassoli Promotion 2022-2023

From 17/06 19:00 till 18/06 02:00
Natolin Palace
Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

Continuing what is a much-anticipated yearly tradition, the Natolin Graduation Ball shall take centre stage in the Natolin Graduation Week once again this coming June, when our community (and invited guests) shall share the joy of friendship and the gradual concluding of the academic year together.

Occurring this year on 17 June, the ball shall take place in the vicinity of the beautiful Natolin Palace. With a variety of enchanting musical performances, dancing, and other festivity to be anticipated, we expect this year's event to live up to - if not surpass - the magic of past such events at Natolin!

Read about last year's Graduation Ball here!

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