First days in Natolin for the students of the Éliane VOGEL-POLSKY Promotion

The College of Europe in Natolin warmly welcomed students of the Éliane VOGEL-POLSKY Promotion, who arrived on Monday, 30 August, and Tuesday, 31 August 2021. Representatives of the Student Residences Office and the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office greeted the students cordially, and they did their best to make them feel at home.

On Tuesday, 31 August, and Wednesday, 1 September 2021, the Communications, Marketing, and Recruitment Office organized the Yearbook professional photo session for the students on campus. All of them will receive their high-resolution portrait photos for personal and professional use, such as for updating their CVs or LinkedIn profiles.

Moreover, the newly arrived students participated in the Workshop on Consent organized by the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office. The workshop was led by Ms Martyna MARKIEWICZ, a trainer, project coordinator, and community organizer working with Ashoka. The students discussed concepts such as consent and boundaries while engaging in meaningful conversations on inclusion and diversity. They also participated in interactive exercises to transform information into actions and appropriate behaviour.