Online Language Support (OLS)

The Online Language Support (OLS) is designed to help Erasmus+, and European Solidarity Corps participants improve their knowledge of the language in which they will work, study or volunteer abroad so that they can make the most out of this experience.

As the lack of language skills remains one of the main barriers to participation in European education, training, and youth mobility opportunities, OLS makes language support accessible in a flexible and easy way. It also contributes to a specific objective of the Erasmus+ program, which is to promote language learning and linguistic diversity.

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By taking the OLS language assessment when going abroad, Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps participants are able to determine their proficiency in the language they will use to study, work or volunteer and get access to a personalised language learning pathway.

Taking this assessment in the language of the mobility before departure is a prerequisite for higher education students going on mobility for 14 days or more, to make sure that they meet the recommended level at their receiving organisation (except for native speakers or in duly justified cases). The results of the language assessment do not prevent participants from taking part in Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes.

Participants who wish to improve their language proficiency have the opportunity to follow online language courses before and during their time abroad. Access to the language course includes a great variety of interactive and tailor-made activities. Participants can follow language courses in any of the available languages on OLS without limitation to the number of languages and study units.

In certain cases where the main language is not covered by OLS, linguistic support is provided through other means by sending or receiving organisations. Upon their return, participants can take a final assessment, which allows them to measure the progress made during their stay abroad.

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