Natolin Media and Disinformation Nest

Mentor: Mr Adam REICHARDT

Focus of the Nest in 2022-2023: Role of media in today’s polarized political environment 

The Media and Disinformation Nest will explore with students the issues and topics related to our media consumption and ways it can be used to manipulate and influence public opinion. Disinformation is not a new topic; however, with the onset of new technologies – especially social media – our growing susceptibility to fake news and malign disinformation activities has been revealed. How can we understand these processes, and what is being done to fight disinformation?  

During this academic year, our Nest will include workshops, debates and discussions with experts and journalists on the role of media in today’s polarised political environment. We will understand how disinformation uses to incite conflict and push certain narratives. We will learn how the job of journalists has changed and their approach to fact-based reporting. Lastly, we will get some insight into the trends in media.