Careers and Professional Development

Careers and Professional Development

The Natolin Careers and Professional Development Office aims to complement the academic programme with on-site, made-to-measure support and guidance in helping to shape the students’ professional paths.

Its mission is to equip students with relevant and practical career management tools, including a thorough understanding of their own strengths and competences, an overview of the job market, an ability to set realistic career goals, all backed with a smart CV, a credible social media profile, well-written covering letters and solid interview skills.

These aims are achieved primarily through:

  • One-to-one career tutorials or small group meet ups that cover topics from career planning, diagnosis of strengths and key competences, CV and cover letter writing to job interview simulations.
  • Professional skills workshops:
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Teamwork and leadership
    • Debating and argumentation skills
    • EPSO competition training

The combination of workshops, made to measure interpersonal training sessions led by experienced professionals serves three purposes simultaneously – developing students at a personal, academic and professional level. The ability to successfully interact with others and work on a common project are valuable transferable skills across all cultures. The knowledge and skills gained throughout this year are to smooth the students’ transition from education to the labour market, helping them pursue the right career opportunities immediately after they graduate, as well as later on in life. 

The office offers various opportunities for networking:

  • Meet the Professionals: opportunities to meet with alumni and other representatives of the public and private sectors, in order to gain a better understanding of the working environment and to help with career planning.
  • Alumni reunions: of which an integral part are the Career Sessions, where a panel of alumni shares their career insights, professional experience and advice to the soon to be graduates.

The Natolin Careers and Professional Development Office also regularly publishes relevant, hand-picked job and internship offers on its LinkedIn profile. Students also receive additional vacancy information from the Alumni Association through a weekly newsletter. Additionally Natolin partners within public and private sectors often directly provide information on internships and job offers for our students and alumni.

An important addition in supporting the professional development of students is the comprehensive library of resources, including an online database of institutions where students can research the vast job market in the EU and in the Neighbourhood by sector, category of institution and country (currently around 500 records).

There is also a considerable structural effort to support students in creation and management of student societies with specific roles, agendas and plans for activities. The involvement of students in their own societies is a great training ground for skills like project management, teamwork, leadership, communication and organisation skills.


Head of Office

lukasz.dobromirski [at]
+48 22 54 59 454
Ul. Nowoursynowska 84  /  Rectorate, room 3
PL-02/797 Warsaw