Natolin Language Service

Natolin Language Service


The Natolin Language Service is driven by 3 key principles:

  1. A Made to Measure Service: courses are specially prepared and adapted to individual needs by carefully selected language tutors in order to maximize language learning over the 10 months of the College year.
  2. An Interactive Approach: all tutors teach using an interactive whiteboard, thereby taking full advantage of a range of multi-media tools and greatly enhancing the learning experience.
  3. The Application of "21st Century Skills": the mission of the Service is to apply the most up-to-date approaches to its methodology in order to facilitate students’ linguistic development in the future.


Natolin Language Summer Academy (LSA) - English or French summer courses at an A2/B1 level

The main goals of our Language Summer Academy, prepared by the Language Service of the Natolin campus, are the revision of the grammatical and lexical structures of French or English together with listening and speaking scenarios, designed to cultivate confidence and competency in the classroom. This course will particularly engage students with the aim of bringing their level to the stated College of Europe minimum.          

In 2018, the course will take place from 13 to 31 August 2018, at the Natolin campus. The number of places is limited. Tuition, lodging on campus and meals are free of charge. Students are liable for personal costs relating to travel and health insurance. For any further information please contact Ms Marta WOJAKOWSKA, Head of Natolin Language Service, marta.wojakowska [at]

Language classes during the academic year

During the academic year the Natolin Campus Language Service offers courses in the following languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian and Arabic. Classes take place from September until November and from January until April. Students are offered two classes per week in their chosen language(s), with each class lasting 60 min. At the end of the academic year students can ask to receive a Language Certificate from the Language Service.

Natolin Language Tutorials

Depending on budgetary availability of the Service, students of the Natolin Campus are additionally offered individual tutorials, once tutors determine their personal needs and competences. Students are requested to arrange meetings with tutors via e-mail and can meet tutors according to their availability. The Natolin Language Tutorial excludes the correction of students’ Master's theses.



Head of Natolin Language Service

marta.wojakowska [at]
+48 22 54 59 421
​Ul. Nowoursynowska 84  /  Coach House
PL-02/797 Warszawa

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