Study programme

Study programme

Students follow the academic programme of the department in which they are enrolled, with the following modifications:

Introductory course

Before the start of the academic year, the ELEA students follow a two-week compulsory ‘intensive course’ in the other discipline: lawyers in economics, with an emphasis on micro-economics, and economists in European law. Economists will also follow a 10 hrs. introduction to legal methodology, taught by Prof. Pierre Larouche and Prof. Laura Parret.

During the first semester

Joint course: Both law and economics students follow one joint compulsory course which provides them with the analytical tools required for European legal and economic analysis. This course, open only to ELEA students, is the course on "Law and Economics of Competition and Regulation" (30 h) taught by Prof. Tony Prosser and Prof. Phedon Nicolaides.

This course provides an introduction to the law and economics of competition and regulation, two topics which have long been central to the EU internal market and increasingly are of great significance in many other policy areas. As the subject is vast, the course will focus on a limited number of selected topics. The course aims to combine both legal and economic analysis, using both legal and economic material and raising issues which involve and cut across both law and economics.

Cross-over: Students must also follow one compulsory course in the other department:

Law students will follow 20 hrs. of the course on of Prof. Phedon Nicolaides.

Economics students will follow the first 20 hrs. of Prof. Philip Marsden's course 'Law of Competition in the EU. Due to this crossover economists will not have to follow the Law course in their Department of Prof. Bernard van de Walle-de Ghelcke, and lawyers will not have to follow the compulsory Law course on Institutions. In addition, lawyers and economists follow their departmental compulsory courses.

During the second semester

Joint seminars: Students follow a 50 hour joint compulsory seminar on legal and economic case analysis in the fields of European competition, network industries and regulation. This seminar, open only to ELEA students, will be given by Prof. Pierre Larouche, Prof. Phedon Nicolaides and Prof. Mike Walker. Pool system within each department: Two other optional courses/seminars must be followed within the department to which the student belongs, chosen from a defined pool of courses/seminars associated with the programme. In addition, lawyers and economists follow their departmental compulsory courses.

European General Studies Programme

ELEA students  will follow one of  these second semester seminars.

The study programmes are revised annually to ensure continuing excellence and dynamism.