18 Apr 2023

"The Reflection of Poland’s Multicultural Fabric in the Polish Language Culinary Lexis" Workshop by Ms Wioletta GURDAK

From 18:45 till 20:00
Paderewski Hall
Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

This event will take place as part of a series of workshops prepared by the LIDO team, designed to demonstrate the inseparable relationship between culture and language. The workshop combines elements of a classical presentation with practical workshop-style activities and will be led by Ms Wioletta GURDAK, Professor of Polish Language at the College of Europe in Natolin.

The aim of the event is to develop participants' cultural competence, deepen their knowledge of Poland and Central Europe, familiarize them with selected cultural and lexical topics, facilitate the process of adaptation in Poland and bring them closer to Poland's cultural richness.

This workshop is organised by the Languages and Intercultural Dialogue Office (LIDO) at Natolin.

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