Borrowing and renewing

How many books can I borrow?

Students may borrow up to : 

  • 10 books for 1 week,
  • 2 languages courses for 1 week,
  • 2 dvds for 1 week,
  • 1 headphone for 1 day

*Faculty and staff – 15 items for 3 weeks

Please note that books of the reading room, careers & language materials and some items from the EDC can be borrowed. Periodicals, newspapers, reference works and dictionaries can only be used inside the library. 

How can I renew my loans?

A borrowed document may be renewed as many times as you like, provided that no one else has requested it. 

  • Use my account to renew online.
  • Enter your College C-card number and password. The first time you need to create one ("set password"). We recommend you to choose the same as the one of the College. 
  • 'Renew' the item in the 'check-out' tab.

You can also renew items at the library reception desk with your C-card or by telephone (+32 50477201) or email

The book I want is in loan, what do I do?

You can request a book that is currently out on loan and we will reserve it for you when it is returned.

  • If the item is checked out, click on the "request item" or "place hold" button in our online catalogue. 
  • As soon as the book returns, you'll be notified by email to come to pick it up at the library reception desk.

How will I know when my books are due?

The library sends courtesy emails ( to you to let you know when your books are about to become due. 

If your books go overdue, we will also email you to let you know. 

The best way to keep track of your loans is to regularly log into your account, check what you've got on loan and then renew books if you want to keep them for longer. 

What if I lose or damage a book?

Borrowers must pay the replacement cost of a lost, damaged or stolen document.