Academic Programme

All courses combine economic analysis with empirical assessment and critical in-depth reviews of EU policies and, where relevant, of the European economy in general. The programme focuses on European economic policies, but several courses also examine extensively the implications for business strategy.

Introductory Courses

The Department organises an intensive refresher course in intermediate micro- and macro-economics, probability and statistics, calculus and French before the start of the academic year.

Compulsory Courses

In the first semester, students take five compulsory courses on European Integration: European Economic Integration, European Institutions and European Union Law, European Macroeconomic Policy and Econometrics. In the second semester, students follow one compulsory course on Infrastructure Project Management.

Optional Courses

In the second semester, students choose four courses from ten options. These explore many of the policy areas and issues in European economic integration in greater detail and at an advanced level of economic analysis which is combined with empirical application and evaluation.

Compact seminars

One compact seminar is offered in the second semester on the Economics of Intellectual Property Rights. Attendance is compulsory.

European General Studies Programme

All College students participate in the European General Studies Programme.


Students must also write a Master’s Thesis.


The College of Europe reserves the right to modify its academic programmes at all times.